Grand Island Gun Show

SHOW SAFETY RULES for Vendors, Dealers and Exhibitors

  • All firearms will be tied inoperable.
  • NO firearms are to be loaded at any time.
  • All incoming firearms will be inspected and tied at the admissions gate.
  • Dealers will inspect their firearms and tie them before putting them on display.
  • Dealers may remove the tie from the firearm if there is an interested in purchasing or selling, and immediately re-band the firearm after the transaction or before returning to display.
  • Dealers will not, and will not allow customers to dry fire any firearms.
  • Dealers will not display ammunition that matches firearms on display.
  • Because of circumstances beyond our control we ask that vendors limit preparing cooked food items on-site, please check with the show promoter if you have any questions.
  • Gun show event staff will assist dealers with gun ties and inspection of displayed firearms.
  • After show starts on Saturday ALL firearms will come through admission doors and be inspected and tied.
  • Staff will make checks through out the show to make sure all firearms are tied If inspection shows that a safety issue exists, a meeting will take place with the dealer and the show staff.
  • If the show staff determines that a safety issue is reoccurring the dealer may be asked to leave.
  • If a dealer has a firearm accidentally discharge, the local authorities will be called; a determination of any laws that have been broken will be made, with the possibility of prosecution. The dealer will be packed up, escorted from the show, and banned from any future shows.
  • Dealer cooperation in maintaining a safe environment for every person at the gun show is greatly appreciated. Self-policing this show and all shows will help keep the future of these events as secure as possible. Again, your cooperation is greatly appreciated.