Membership Questions

What all does the Grand Island Rifle Club have to offer?
The Grand Island Rifle Club has a modern 7-lane 50 ft. indoor range for any handgun up to .45 Win. Mag. Our 200 meter multi-purpose outdoor range has a covered firing line for rifle, pistol and black powder and numerous shooting benches starting at 25 yds. andup. Our 50 yd. range has lights for late evening shooting and is very popular with the pistol shooters. We have recently added an area for archery and bow hunters. We also offer Hunter Education classes, beginner and advanced youth classes and a women’s first-step class.
What do I have to bring with me when I attend a safety orientation meeting?
Basically information, our membership application asks for three references (friends, relatives, work associates, club members) along with their addresses and phone numbers, this information and a valid state driver’s license or state issued ID number is required on the application.
How often is a safety orientation meeting for new applicants held?
There will only be a limited number of safety orientation meetings that are scheduled throughout the year by the Grand Island Rifle Club Board of Directors. These meetings are scheduled based on demand and other factors. Please see membership page for any updated information.
Once I’m accepted to the club, how do I get access to the range?
You will be issued a numbered key to the padlock on the main gate and this key will get you access to the range. The main gate key cannot be loaned or transferred to anyone, and it is the sole responsibility of the club member.
Do I have to be a member of Grand Island Rifle Club to shoot there?
Yes, we are a private club and membership is available by application only.
If I become a member, can I bring my friends and family with me to the range?
That depends; you CAN bring your immediate family members in the same household with you as many times as you like, please keep in mind that you are responsible for your family members conduct. You may bring a specific guest with you twice to the range. Guests must remain with you at all times, and the club member is responsible for their guests conduct. After you bring a guest to the range twice and they enjoy it, we ask that they join the GIRC, so that they may enjoy the same benefits as you.
As a member of Grand Island Rifle Club when can I shoot?
You will have access to the outdoor range 7 days a week provide there is not a schedule event (check the club calendar for availability). We also ask that you refrain from shooting before 7:00 AM in the morning, or after 9:00 PM at night. The indoor range is only open during curtain days when a range officer is available (check the club calendar).
Do I have to be an NRA member?
Yes. The Grand Island Rifle Club is a 100% NRA member club. You can join on your own or we can sign you up the first time. You must continue your NRA membership throughout your membership in the GI Rifle Club. Use our recruiter link to save $10 or more on your membership when you join, renew, or extend your membership.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Acceptable payment methods for membership dues are cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check. We are sorry but we cannot accept credit or debit cards.
Can I join the Rifle Club and then transfer my membership to someone else?
No, club memberships are non-transferable, only the person that has attended the safety orientation meeting is eligible for membership.
Do you offer discounted or special memberships to the club?
No, at this time we do not offer any special or discounted club memberships; this would include no family, associate, senior, military or life memberships. We try to keep our membership dues low and affordable for everyone.

What about chamber flags?

The club has decided to handout chamber flags free to club members. Please contact any of the directors or pick one up from the tables as we’ll have some laying out for members.

General Questions

What about chamber flags?

How can I get a Concealed Handgun Permit?
To get a Concealed Handgun Permit in Nebraska you must provide proof of training. This can be through previous military or law enforcement training, or taking a class from an approved trainer. Other requirements also apply. For specific information contact the Nebraska State Patrol at 402-471-4545, or visit
How can I get a Firearm Purchase Certificate?
Nebraska residents who wish to purchase or receive a firearm are required to obtain a firearm purchase certificate. The easiest way is to apply in person at the law enforcement agency that is in your area, or Click Here for more information.
How can I get a Nebraska State Issued ID Card?
You can apply for a Nebraska ID card as long as you are a legal resident of the state. Applications are available at any local DMV office. For more information on obtaining an ID card, please Click Here.
I like archery; do you have any facilities available for bow hunters?
Yes, we have a specific area for archery and bow hunters, it is located just south of the clubhouse and we encourage members to utilize the area.
What type of targets am I allowed to shoot? 
Generally only approved targets such as paper, or clay, are allowed, no glass or concrete objects. We do not allow the use of any exploding targets, including the use of “tannerite”, or other exploding materials or substances.
Can I shoot a fully automatic rifle or shotgun at the range?
No, because of safety concerns and our range design, we do not allow the use of any fully automatic firearms, or the use of any device that simulates full automatic fire.
Does the Rifle Club offer Hunter Safety Education classes?
Yes, we generally offer classes throughout the year including Firearm Hunter, Bowhunter Hunter Education classroom courses, and numerous Hunt Safe sessions.  You can also visit the Nebraska Game and Parks website at and search for classes in your area by zip code.